An average healthy human body contains around 1.3 gallon of blood in their body. As an essential part of our living body, blood manages how oxygen and nutrition are being distributed to every part of us. That’s why you need to make sure that you have a healthy enough blood system.

One thing that can make this easier is to get enough iron for your blood. Therefore, you need to know what foods are high in iron so that you can plan your meal and support your healthy blood system.

Chicken Liver

Most edible parts of chicken taste amazing, and that’s why they are used in a lot of dishes around the world. But that’s not the only reason people love chicken. Chicken meat contains lots of protein, and the liver can supply the human body with adequate amounts of iron minerals. This is because for every 3 ounces of chicken liver that you eat, your body will receive around 3.5 milligrams of iron.


The legumes family is very good to be consumed every day. Not only do they have high vitamins, they are also a great source for various minerals. One of those minerals is iron that you need for your blood. There are also foods that are made from beans that are good for this reason, such as tofu or tempeh. Make sure that you include those in your diet especially if you’re looking for information about what foods are high in iron.

Broccoli and Spinach.

Broccoli and spinach are some of the most popular vegetables in our daily diet. It’s nothing strange since the nutritional content of these vegetables are really amazing and will promote your health thoroughly. But one feature that they have that can’t be defeated by most greens is the fact that they have a really high iron content. You can’t go wrong by eating delicious vegetables while also keeping your health in good condition.

Brown Rice.

As one of the most grown seeds in the world, rice is consumed in almost every culture. But the type of rice that people eat is mostly white rice. While white rice is still generally healthy, you should opt for brown rice if you want to get an extra amount of iron in your diet. They might be more expensive than other types of rice, but just think about the amazing effects it will have for your blood system.

Opting to get foods that are in the list of what foods are high in iron isn’t only about keeping your blood system healthy. High iron can also prevent the emergence of anemia in your system. Anemia itself happens when there is a decrease of red blood cells in your body. This can be caused by the insufficient amount of iron that leads to the inability of your body to produce enough hemoglobin.

So, when you plan for your daily meal, make sure that you consider all the vitamins and minerals that you might need. Being healthy isn’t actually that difficult as long as you know what kind of foods high in iron kid friendly you should put in your system.

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